Elastic Park is an exhibition of epic proportions in both scale and significance, featuring a unique blend of art, pre-history and community building. The multi-thousand-square-foot, interactive exhibit (scalable to fit available space) was inspired by Michael Crichton’s popular literary creation, Jurassic Park.

The highly-unusual medium used to create this exhibit?  Balloons!   Tens of thousands of them, which tend to draw a very diverse crowd both for the construction  and display phases.  This is key, since all large scale Airigami creations are community-based art projects. Community members are invited to participate in the up-to-100,000-balloon installation, working alongside an international crew of skilled artists led by internationally-renowned “airigamist,” Larry Moss.

Once completed, visitors to Elastic Park will walk among the creatures of the Triassic through Cretaceous periods, as described in Crichton’s work, with input from pre-history experts. An audio tour with original music and actors’ voices will guide everyone through, describing the creatures, the art, and telling the story. Below is a video created about the exhibit, (in the hopes of receiving a grant through the Pepsi Refresh project, voting for our project is now closed) but it’s still informative and FUN.

This exhibit is designed, and artists are ready to create. Alas, all that’s missing is the funding.  If you’re looking for a blockbuster event, contact Larry Moss, Creative Director of Airigami.

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